Baby with Newborn

Thank you to the midwives! We are so grateful to have you all throughout my pregnancy with the loving care and thoughtful advice. Sivan and Marella delivered our beautiful girl into this world after a long night and intense day of labour. My birth story would have been very different without you ladies and I can not thank you enough! Lots of love, Jessica, Doug and Jade. A special thank you to our doula, Rachel Cline also! The support we had from everyone was absolutely amazing!!!!! I can't wait to do it again!!!!

- Jessica Henderson

I have had the blessing of having both my babies delivered by our wonderful midwives. My first, a daughter, born in our living room with Kyra and Carolyn looking on 2 years ago. My son, born 6 months ago in hospital with Carolyn. Our family is complete now, but there is certainly a tinge of sadness when I think I won't have cause to visit and laugh with these ladies through another pregnancy. I have never felt more empowered, more confident, or more beautiful than while I was in labour, and these women are to thank for my great experiences. The female body is amazing, they helped me embrace it.
When my friends announce pregnancies, my response is always "Congratulations!! Have you called the midwives yet??"

- Kaitlin Seabrook

THANK YOU - what a wonderful team we are blessed to have here in the east kootenay! I can't imagine pregancy, birth and postpartum without you all We had Adalyn Marie 3 years ago and are awaiting the arrival of another now.The support, wisdom, experience and love from these amazing women are helping to bring power back to women in birthing. Not only that, but the cultivation of healthy and collaborative relationships with other professionals has resulted in an amazing network of support between midwives, obstetricians, the hospital, nurses and doctors. Many other areas of Canada are not so lucky. THANK YOU!

- Shannon Duncan

All 3 of my kids were born using the midwives' services. They were fantastic! We felt so loved and supported. Thank you to Jane & Sivan for wonderful birth experiences, and to the other midwives for the care & support during appointments both before & after. It's a treasured memory in our family, and a decision I never once regretted. The families of the Kootenays are blessed to have you!

- Rae Reimer

We women of the Kootenays are so freakin' blessed to have access to the level of pre and post natal care provided by our midwives. Sivan and Jane became treasured members of our family as they saw us through two miscarriages and the birth of our sweet son with more compassion than I thought possible. You are a wealth of information and love, purveyors of competent and empowering care and I thank you all for your passion and wisdom. I am better for having known you.
With gratitude xo

- Erin McDonald

The midwives have been with me through the hardest as well as the most amazing times in my life. They walked with me through my first pregnancy and preterm birth, my second pregnancy and loss of my baby and my third high risk pregnancy. They supported me and encouraged me and always took my anxieties seriously and did everything they could for me. My experiences would have been so much more traumatic without the support and guidance of these women. Thank you for helping to bring my most precious gifts into the world!

- Alyssa Quick

Our care prior to labour and during were amazing. Sivan provided our family with wonderful support before, during labour and also post-partum. While in labour, Sivan provided me the space to go through labour pains and be a witness to a beautiful birth of our son Piero all-the-while providing her guidance and expertise with the medical/technical side of birth. What felt like a long labour, Sivan allowed me to stick to
my plan of a drug-free birth and experience giving birth au natural. At home Sivan provided knowledge and help with breastfeeding tips. I felt completely safe to be in her care and am honored she was present during this sacred time. Our son is healthy and thriving and we were lucky to have Sivan as my midwife.

- Cristina Borgogelli and Jason Toner