Pregnancy and Birth

Childbirth Connection

Childbirth Connection promotes evidence based maternity care through policy and quality initiatives. Childbirth Connection helps families consistently receive high-quality, woman- and family-centered care.

Evidence Based Birth

Evidence based birth specializes in breaking down complex topics and making them easy for you to learn. Evidence Based Birth® is your new go-to source to find unbiased, fact-based information to inform you about maternity care practices.

Power to Push Campaign

The Power to Push Campaign was created in response to the increasing trend towards cesarean birth in BC. This campaign encourages women to know their options, advocate for their choices, and push for the safest and best birth possible.

Spinning Babies

Spinning Babies is an approach that uses maternal physiology & fetal positioning to ease pregnancy & birth. Pregnant parents use this site and these videos to improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and their birth.


Motherisk provides up-to-date information about the risk and safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also contains resources for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy.

Bellies to Babies Pregnancy Outreach Program

Bellies to Babies programs for Cranbrook, Kimberley and Fernie areas. Providing resources and prenatal classes to mothers and families.


Genetic Screening

Prenatal Genetic Screening Program

If you are thinking of having a baby, or if you are pregnant, this information on prenatal genetic screening can answer many of your questions.

Natural Medicine During Pregnancy and Beyond

 Aviva Jill Romm -An excellent source for herbal information, and birth choices. Aviva is a herbalist, midwife and Doctor.

Roots to Health -Naturopathic doctors, Dr. Darcie Pawlick & Dr. Chris Ford available in Kimberley and Cranbrook.

Dr Katelyn Mudry -Naturopath in Cranbrook.

Naturopathic Doctor in Fernie Naturopathic medicine for the whole family, visit Dr. Karley Denoon in Fernie. 

Homeopathy Homeopathy is a gentle and safe, natural system of healing that stimulates the immune system. Visit Cheryl in Fernie. 

Integrated Balance - Osteopathy in Kimberley
Osteopathy focuses on both structural and functional parts of our body including inner organs, blood vessels, brain membranes, and nerves. Visit Teara Ashby in Kimberley.

Ideal Society - Osteopathy in Cranbrook & Jaffray. Francois Amigues, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner D.O., specializes in working with couples, pregnant women and newborns for over 17 years.


Midwifery in BC

The College of Midwives of British Columbia (CMBC) regulates the profession of midwifery in the province of British Columbia (BC), Canada, according to the Midwives Regulation (BC 1995), the Health Professions Act, and the CMBC Bylaws.

Midwives in British Columbia offer primary care to healthy pregnant women and their normal newborn babies from early pregnancy, through labour and birth, and up to three months postpartum. Midwifery care from early pregnancy through six weeks postpartum is fully covered by BC’s Medical Services Plan.

The Midwives Association of British Columbia (MABC) is the professional association for midwives in BC and is registered under the Societies Act.

The MABC’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the profession of midwifery within the province of British Columbia.

  • Advocate for the ongoing development and enhancement of midwifery services.

  • Provide continuing education opportunities for its members.

  • And much more, visit the website to learn more


Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

The International Cesarean Awareness Network provides families with education, support and advocacy.  Whether you’re trying to avoid a cesarean, plan a family centered cesarean, preparing for a VBAC, or just learning about your birth options – ICAN is here for you!

The website provides childbearing women and maternity care professionals evidence-based information, resources, and support for VBAC and cesarean prevention. Most women can have a safe VBAC, a vaginal birth after a cesarean, please visit the site to learn more. The

The Power To Push Campaign encourages women in British Columbia to learn as much as they can and push for the best birth possible. They have put together an information booklet on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and planned repeat cesareans. Click here to view the booklet.



Canadian Association of Midwives Position Statement on home birth

Research study citing outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician.

Place of Birth Handbook, prepared by the College of Midwives of British Columbia. The place of birth handbook contains information for you in preparation for birth. As experts in normal birth, midwives in BC provide care during labour and birth in a hospital or a home with excellent outcomes.


Doula care

Evidence on Doulas: A great break down of evidence supporting the use of doulas in birth.

What is a doula by Doulas of North America

Local Doulas



Prenatal Education

Mandala Birth Offers a variety of prenatal classes

The Ideal Society located in Jaffray, offers a unique child birth education class once a month.

Mother Nurture Doulas offer childbirth education classes in Fernie
Birthing from Within classes available:



International Breastfeeding Center: Dr Jack Newman
Kellymom: Parenting & Breastfeeding
La Leche League: Support for you breastfeeding journey
Infant Risk: The world's leading research center for medication safety during pregnancy and lactation
Breast Feeding Mamas -East Kootenays:  A peer support group for breastfeeding moms and pregnant women who want to breastfeed.
Over the Rainbow: Offers lactation consults throughout the East Kootenays

Lethbridge Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic


Normal Newborn Behavior Resource
Mothering: The home for natural family living
Ask Dr. Sears: Resource for parents to become better informed on health care decisions.

The East Kootenay Baby & Toddler Expo is an excellent resource for new parents and parents to be in our area.

Pregnancy/Birth/Newborn Photography

Placenta Encapsulation

 Mandala Birth -Serving Kimberley, Cranbrook, Invermere & Creston, BC

Postpartum Depression

Pacific Postpartum Support Society
The Smiling Mask: Truths about postpartum depression and parenthood

Pregnancy and Baby Loss

Mothering Your Heart

Still Birthday: A pregnancy loss is still a birthday